Why is there no healing for the wounds of my people? - Jeremiah 8:22 NLT

Welcome to Balm of Gilead International Ministries

Balm of Gilead International - Elkhart IndianaHere you will find information concerning our church and its international ministries. We are a Christian organization devoted to the teachings of the Holy Bible and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We invite visitors of all backgrounds and ethnicities to attend our Healing, Deliverance, and Teachings of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that Jesus announced and accomplished. We aim to minister to the body, soul, and spirit of every person that walks through our doors. Would you mind reviewing the rest of our website for more information about our Non-denominational church and the fellowship we provide?


Balm of Gilead International Ministries is located at the Concord Mall, 3701 S. Main Street, Suite 1208, Elkhart, Indiana. Next to JCPenney.

More information about our services can be found on our About Us page.


Important Things to Know

At Balm of Gilead, providing our congregation with a family-friendly environment is a top priority. Due to our location in a shopping mall, you should know the following information before attending our service.
  • Restrooms. Our restrooms are located at the Food Court within the Mall.
  • Safety and wandering. For safety reasons, your children must always remain with you—teens, no wandering at all.
  • Questions. If you have any questions, find a person wearing a Balm of Gilead International Ministry badge at our Welcome Center. You will be directed to where you need to go.

Contact Our Indiana Non-denominational Church Today

Are you looking for a church that is passionate about worshiping Jesus Christ and spreading his message? If so, then we invite you to stop by for our Friday or Sunday services. At Balm of Gilead, we provide ministries to meet the spiritual needs of every age. We pray the messages you hear will carry you to the saving knowledge of His son Jesus Christ. If you have any questions or wish to speak to any of our ministers, do not hesitate to reach out. Please send us an email message, and we promise to respond as quickly as possible.

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